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Thread: Houston we have a problem

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    Looks like he is making progress, I am seeing my custom 404 page now.

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    Posted by an Admin from CP (but don't panic, we don't know yet):

    For what it's worth, it sounds like a bunch of stuff is going to have to be restored from backup. No clue if that's a short or long thing, but my guess is we should get comfortable.

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    Added a link to the 404 page that is displaying there letting people know, who do not already, to come here.

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    Thanks for the updates


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    Latest info

    Since I saw the post over there regarding backups, I BELIEVE that the database is intact enough that, once the compromised files get restored from backup, everything will be back to normal. Can't guarantee that, but that's the tone I'm getting.

    The big issue right now is that the whole database has to be repaired, which takes FOREVER on a forum as big as ChiefsPlanet.

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    ...and thanks for your time and efforts UT!
    "We all make mistakes - me more than anybody; I've made plenty of them - you try to learn from them and move on," he said. "That's how you get better - you learn from your mistakes and you move on." - Bill Belichick

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