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    Resolved Question: What's causing sudden odd smell in nose?

    I've been having this sudden odd smell in my nose for about 6 months now. It would just come when I breathe without warning, sometimes it comes once a week or two weeks, sometimes every day. It's a kind of sour smell that I can smell internally inside my nose, it almost feels like some sudden secretion, but nothing drains, it's just a sudden sour smell in the nose that would take a couple hours to go away. Other people can't smell it, it's on the inside. What could be wrong with me? Could it be a tumor inside? but I don't feel anything else besides the sudden sour smells once in a while... I am not (have not been) allergic to anything, please advise, thanks.

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    It could be that you suffer from post-nasal drip due to allergies or you're sensitive to the change of seasons; with this being said, you have a build up of mucous in your nasal passages most of which is made up of chlorine from the water in your system. Chlorine gives off a slightly sour/ pungent smell, I myself have had this happen to me. I take care to take 24 hour allergy pills that don't put me to sleep, blow my nose often and also by taking Zicam for allergies. If it's still troubling you, and you've taken steps to eliminate possible causes, get a professional opinion from your doctor to help alleviate the problem. Best wishes and Happy New Year!!!!

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