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Thread: Attention Guests!

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    It's a DOS using a BOT I tell ya, I'll bet it was launched from Arizona dammit
    psssssssssst TMack is a closet Bill Belichick fan

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    Wow I thought commissioner Roger Goodell, shut us down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sir_drinkalot View Post
    Do I have an avatar?
    BALLERINO!!!!! This should be it

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    Quote Originally Posted by P4E View Post
    Right, i think i have just registered with this forum, so does that mean im now a rod sox member as well?

    or is just a temp place when the planet is down?
    he he...he said member. P4E you should have read the aggreement before you clicked accept. You have officially declared yourself a Sox fan.

    p.s. How was your holiday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Undertaker #59 View Post
    No it is not hacked. It is a disk space issue.
    damn disks...tehy sckrew up everything

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    has no morals vyf's Avatar
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    Oct 2007
    What is going on? I feel so used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vyf View Post
    What is going on? I feel so used.

    Little miss 1 post rookie, come with me and I'll show you around.

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    Good Luck with the Main board UT.

    I tryed to Post my send off to Dallas and the Planet had stopped spinning.

    Oh well this will do for now.

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    if youse have a gambling addiction, tread carefully.

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