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  1. Blogging fool....

    Just testing the blogging feature. Seems a little redundant to the forums...
  2. Game Thread 06.09.2013: Red Sox (Dempster) vs. Angels (Blanton)

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    Here are the lineups from

    Good morning. Here are the lineups:

    RED SOX (37-25)
    Ellsbury CF
    Nava RF
    Pedroia 2B
    Ortiz DH
    Napoli 1B
    Saltalamacchia C
    Carp LF
    Drew SS
    Iglesias 3B
    Pitching: RHP Ryan Dempster (3-6, 4.39)

    ANGELS (27-34)
    Trout CF
    Hamilton RF
    Pujols DH
    Trumbo 1B
    Kendrick 2B
    Callaspo 3B
    Aybar SS
    Iannetta C
    Shuck LF